Effective: July 1, 2023
Last Updated: May 23, 2024

Rapporteurs liaise between an individual Seminar or Workshop and The University Seminars' office. Rapporteurs perform administrative tasks so that meetings are successfully held and documented. The rapporteur assists by collecting information, gathering the necessary documentation, and communicating the seminars and workshop needs to the University Seminars staff. Additionally, each seminar and workshop has its internal structure. Rapporteurs may share some of these internal responsibilities with a Chair or other member of the Seminar or Workshop. Rapporteurs must communicate with Chairs and understand the Seminar or Workshop responsibilities and expectations.

Eligibility to Work

Columbia University complies with federal laws and regulations concerning verification of identity and employment eligibility and associated recordkeeping for employees hired to work in the United States.  

Columbia University is an E-Verify employer. As an E-Verify employer, Columbia participates in the federal government's E-Verify program, which ensures that the University is compliant with e-verify requirements as they relate to federal grants. In addition, participating in E-Verify ensures that the University can continue to hire scholars on F-1 Visas who are utilizing the STEM OPT program.  

With respect to new hires and rehires, the E-Verify process is completed in conjunction with a new hire's completion of the Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification upon commencement of employment.  E-Verify is not used as a tool to pre-screen candidates.  

Columbia uses an online system, I-9 Management (provided by Equifax), to collect and process the required documentation from new hires to comply with these laws. There are I-9 Service Centers on the Morningside campus, Manhattanville, the Columbia University Irving Medical Center, and at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

For instructions on how to complete the I-9 form and other onboarding forms, visit the Onboarding Requirements for Rapporteurs page. This page is DUO protected. The Rapporteur will need a uni and password to access this page. If the Rapporteur needs help setting up DUO, see sidebar on the right for Manage Uni button.

New Hires who are International students with F or J visas and who do not hold a Social Security Card will need to apply for a Social Security Number. See information on how to apply for a Social Security Card in the Onboarding Requirements for Rapporteurs page

Rapporteur work hours (6-10 hours per seminar/workshop meeting) are under the threshold necessary for approval of international employment by Human Resources. At this time, The University Seminars may not employ students based abroad who work less than 20 hours per week. Email questions or concerns to Gesenia Alvarez [email protected] regarding this policy.

Orientation and Required Paperwork

  • All incoming or returning Rapporteurs must fill out a Rapporteur Registration Form before they begin work for a seminar or workshop. 
  • Gesenia Alvarez-Lazauskas will manage the onboarding process and initiate payroll. Contact Gesenia Alvarez ([email protected]) with any questions regarding hiring and onboarding. 
  • Complete all required paperwork as directed by Gesenia Alvarez-Lazauskas. The University Seminars cannot enter a rapporteur to the payroll system until all required paperwork has been completed via DocuSign. See Onboarding Requirements for Rapporteurs page for more details.

Incoming rapporteurs must attend an orientation, typically at the beginning of the semester. Those who are unable to attend the orientation may request an individual orientation appointment by emailing the University Seminars office at [email protected]. Orientations give rapporteurs an in-depth training, but since each seminar is organized differently, it is crucial that the Chair meet with the Rapporteur prior to the first meeting to discuss the particular needs of the seminar and to make sure that the expectations of the seminar line up with what is required by the office.